Friday, 18 September 2009

What a surprise! Seller Unveiled!

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Even If I gave up writing for about 3 months, I'm an attentive wow related blog reader,
this girl does her homework!

Yesterday something very funny happened to me:
I came across the blog of the glyph pusher of my server, which is eventually the guy
I'm undercutting from about the last 2 month in various markets.

"What a surprise" isn't actually what I though in the first instance, I was more like
"Muhahaha, wafflemeow, I GOT YAAA",
and started reading, and tracking.

He's a nice guy, his writing style is easy to read and enterteining, also it give another point of view of the market we share, which is indeed very interesting.

I didn't recognize him by his alts name, which btw were already in my friend list with a nice
1/5 progression, but for an AH screenshot he posted; saw know names on that pic, made me jump on my chair, really!

This made me giggling all the day long, till I decide it would be polite let him know I found him,
I don’t like spying people.

Would you have done the same?