Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Wish I had more Lotus

In bags: 3725g
Top amount of the week: 7634g, of pure income
Currently working on: Glyphs, Flasks, Eternal Buckles
Stockpiling: Saronite (to level Bs), Eternal Earth, Wotkl Green Gems.

For RL reasons I've not been very active in playing Ah in those few days and as result, my stockpiled glyphs are getting  fewer and fewer not to mention is a full 4 tab Gbank of Icethorn and Adder's waitig to be milled.
Decisions have been made, so I'm gonna work with higher numbers and cancell less.
To cope with the fact that atm I'm too tired to push hard the AH( I'm getting zzzzzz like around 11pm), I've decided to get again in the pre-raid flasks market, for some easy time.

Well, the result was shocking, I made nearly 8k in two days.
I was like *Gaaaaahhhh??!*
Now I'm coverying the supply of all the flasks except the Endless Rage one, for which, no Lotus was left, with prices that vary from 25g to 29g, with a profit of 25-30%, filling Ah and working on COD orders.
I will place the leftover 75 tonight and roll in the money in Scrooge McDuck's style.

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