Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Getting high again

in Bags: 3880g
in Items: 3700g

So I started this little adventure with no more
then 4000g in my pocket, some gems
and enchanting mats to be sold.

I spent much, but also got much in return

What I achieved so far is :
- to be able to make big expenses and don't cry broken in some edge of Ironforge
>3 purple pieces for my DK ( which shamefully isn't still on L80),
including an Ulduar item
>1 Runed orb
- to have still a good amount of sell goods stockpiled ready to be sold,
- not to worry about a night of wiping
- be raid consumables ready for the next.. mounth?

Yeah, I feel so confortable to look now at my bags, winter sparing like a little ant:
-5 staks of each types of elixirs I may need in raid, depending if I would play Holy or Disci
-20 stack of 40 Haste/40 Crit / 16 Mana, with spices and food bought massively in AH when thy had the label"HUGE AMOUNTS; DISCOUNTED!!" instead of fishing/doing daily
-35 Flasks of the Frost Wyrm

The next big expense will be the the swift mount for my Dk once she turn 77, in 2 levels;
If I will go on with my "at least 2k saved in bag" politic, than I'll need to raise 6k gold more.

Okey, new idea:
Keep the K, put them somewhere safe and out my reach, and spend the rest for profit!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Time to sell

Weekends are always the best days to sell items in AH, people who normally don't play much during the week, usually flood the server, and demand rise!

Summer vacations on the door and more pvp players getting gear, actually made me able to start again to sell cutted blue gems.
I used to buy a lot of saronite to prospect for between 12g and 15g, but either my beloved Chinese got all banned or miners are on strike and buy it for 20g/stack is out of discussion!
So, I decided to rely completely on AH for greens to DE (bought materials for 80g) and on my spared stacks of blue:
I'm now selling what gives me a 8g profit minimum.

The other things currently listed are:

Frosthide Leg Armor for 187.75g (mats cost 90g)
Icescale Leg Armor for 149.75g (mats cost 85g x2)
Infinite Dust 4.21g either single posted or in stack of 20
Heartseeker Scope 46g, those sell 1 per day or every 2 days.
Now that DKs are the new fashion toys, there are less hunter around.

While looking at some affairs, I spotted a tasty opportunity:
17x Frost Lotus, 25g Bid each!
MINE! SO my 425g are now pacefully sleeping waiting to be cashed.
Unless someone else decide to engage a bid fight ofc ^^

I decided not to drop under 2000 golds anymore, unless for repairs.
How long I will last?
Till the next purple Boe listed in ah, for sure!

Spent: 765g
Cash available: 2025g
Goodies value: Much! Oh, the lazyness.

Friday, 5 June 2009

I love shopping

I'm a shopping maniac, the kind you can define impulsive/compulsive.
I'm not talking to silly mounts or companions, no thanks, it's long already I passed my 11y.
I'm talking about gear;
If it's new, it's purple,
I must have, period.

Ulduar release brought us a lot of BOE goodies and pattern and some people object it's like cheating when you buy them at ah.
You have to earn them, or blatantly waiting them to drop for you.

I'm not the same opinion.
Quite obviously.

Skill doesn't come along with gear, but why I should miss the opportunity to improve myself?

1. You have to earn them.
That's okey, I could agree on that, specially when I see uber geared players with absolutly no clue about what they're doing, the horror, the horror.
Totally waste of (their) money, waste of people effort and time in an instance/raid, totally waste of items, others could have surely benefit more

2. Why bothering? Let them drop!
AKA ( recently saw) spellcaster awesomness in Naxx with a blue weapon..
That's the type of players which I hate most.
Not only you prove to be a totally moron, but you also proudly come with your blue gear QQ as you don't have a raidspot or giving out 1k or less dps at L80?!?
Slacking is never, NEVER, NEVEREVER an excuse!
Please, now go play Tetris and beware the holes in the line.
At least the point 1. people did an lil effort.

What I bought at the end?
A BOE tanking ring from Hodir's chest, Ulduar fresh, for my DK alt:
Signet of Winter
2700g , well worth it.

A bidded Runed Orb for 1300g,
which turned not to be the great opportunity I tought;
now they sell for the same price, down to 800g from 5 days ago ;_;
I will keep it for the awesome healing cloth feet pattern for ma priest and done!

Total spent: 4000g
Cash in bags: 2300g
Worth items cash: 3800g

and more important, I'm done with consumables for the next 2 weeks ^^

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Chinese farmers and Chinese goldsellers

Do you hate chinese farmers?
I don't.

I always hope one will pop on and see a "WTS 10000x raw item" in trade channel, with their worst then mine english
and zero patience.
Come, get it ( fast! faster!!), buckz pliz, baibai.

You may argue that they're killing economy, robbing good farm spots, but that's what everyother player can do as well, get your piece of wealthness.
And you'll be 100% right.
Key point is:

How to get advantage from them?
Make them be your personal bot!
No time wasted, you know you have to reach their L1 where he is in SW, and no more "Oh sorry I've sold it few seconds ago".

1. Buy low, sell high
Farmers are always in a hurry to get as much money they can and ASAP is the best.
You have your items and a good margin of profit, they have your golds = legal transactions

2. Buy low, craft and sell
You buy and can turn an item to several more es. prospecting, alchemy = profit, totally legal one.
What I'm totally agains is the step after the selling process; the sell of gold.
If dealing a business with them earlier was just a part of the game economy process
(items from the game sold for regular ingame gold),
it's surely not buying THAT gold for real money!

Firstly cause it's against Blizzard policy, but also cause you get out the game scheme!
That's not exploiting, you're not smarter then anyone else who play "in standard".
You're simply dumb.
In my early days of playing, I was tempted, yes, like everyone else did.
And don't lie.
I even browsed the net to get more infos about the different sites services.

But one thought stopped me:
Real money should serve for yourself, your family, your cat/dog/hamster /insert-random-type-of-animal here wellness, not for a fake world of pixel.
Even if that world is somethimes the best place to evade from yours.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Show me the money!

Start: 4300g in bag
Monday:5861g7143 in bag
+4600g worth of Flask of the Frost Wyrm
+5120g worth of Eternal Earth
+800g worth of Illusion Dust
+10 stacks of Icethorn
-300g raid goodies ( food buff, spices, elixirs - crafted ofc!)

This week I was very busy with University, studying and my RL work, still I managed to play a bit and have a nice income ^^

@ Infinite Dust price dropped under 4g/piece, so I stop selling it; people undercutting each other overflowing AH with 300stack of 1, followed by 77x1 and again 58x1.
I was tempted to buy all their stuff, but at the end I didn't, profit wasn't high enough to justify that.

@Scopes are selling for some nice +20g of pure profit, 1 per day or every 2 days, so are the @Saronite Razorheads, +15g per stack of 1000.

@Spellpower Elixir went like candies during the week and totally stopped on weekend, got more or less all back.

@Armor Kits weren't crafted, my dear LW is on holiday for till Wed, and I had already loads of stuff running on

@Dark Jade and Shadow Crystal gor sold for a media of 1.70g/1.87g

I've capped mining, and worked on BS as well,
Next market are the Belt Buckles!