Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Chinese farmers and Chinese goldsellers

Do you hate chinese farmers?
I don't.

I always hope one will pop on and see a "WTS 10000x raw item" in trade channel, with their worst then mine english
and zero patience.
Come, get it ( fast! faster!!), buckz pliz, baibai.

You may argue that they're killing economy, robbing good farm spots, but that's what everyother player can do as well, get your piece of wealthness.
And you'll be 100% right.
Key point is:

How to get advantage from them?
Make them be your personal bot!
No time wasted, you know you have to reach their L1 where he is in SW, and no more "Oh sorry I've sold it few seconds ago".

1. Buy low, sell high
Farmers are always in a hurry to get as much money they can and ASAP is the best.
You have your items and a good margin of profit, they have your golds = legal transactions

2. Buy low, craft and sell
You buy and can turn an item to several more es. prospecting, alchemy = profit, totally legal one.
What I'm totally agains is the step after the selling process; the sell of gold.
If dealing a business with them earlier was just a part of the game economy process
(items from the game sold for regular ingame gold),
it's surely not buying THAT gold for real money!

Firstly cause it's against Blizzard policy, but also cause you get out the game scheme!
That's not exploiting, you're not smarter then anyone else who play "in standard".
You're simply dumb.
In my early days of playing, I was tempted, yes, like everyone else did.
And don't lie.
I even browsed the net to get more infos about the different sites services.

But one thought stopped me:
Real money should serve for yourself, your family, your cat/dog/hamster /insert-random-type-of-animal here wellness, not for a fake world of pixel.
Even if that world is somethimes the best place to evade from yours.

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