Monday, 1 June 2009

Show me the money!

Start: 4300g in bag
Monday:5861g7143 in bag
+4600g worth of Flask of the Frost Wyrm
+5120g worth of Eternal Earth
+800g worth of Illusion Dust
+10 stacks of Icethorn
-300g raid goodies ( food buff, spices, elixirs - crafted ofc!)

This week I was very busy with University, studying and my RL work, still I managed to play a bit and have a nice income ^^

@ Infinite Dust price dropped under 4g/piece, so I stop selling it; people undercutting each other overflowing AH with 300stack of 1, followed by 77x1 and again 58x1.
I was tempted to buy all their stuff, but at the end I didn't, profit wasn't high enough to justify that.

@Scopes are selling for some nice +20g of pure profit, 1 per day or every 2 days, so are the @Saronite Razorheads, +15g per stack of 1000.

@Spellpower Elixir went like candies during the week and totally stopped on weekend, got more or less all back.

@Armor Kits weren't crafted, my dear LW is on holiday for till Wed, and I had already loads of stuff running on

@Dark Jade and Shadow Crystal gor sold for a media of 1.70g/1.87g

I've capped mining, and worked on BS as well,
Next market are the Belt Buckles!

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