Friday, 5 June 2009

I love shopping

I'm a shopping maniac, the kind you can define impulsive/compulsive.
I'm not talking to silly mounts or companions, no thanks, it's long already I passed my 11y.
I'm talking about gear;
If it's new, it's purple,
I must have, period.

Ulduar release brought us a lot of BOE goodies and pattern and some people object it's like cheating when you buy them at ah.
You have to earn them, or blatantly waiting them to drop for you.

I'm not the same opinion.
Quite obviously.

Skill doesn't come along with gear, but why I should miss the opportunity to improve myself?

1. You have to earn them.
That's okey, I could agree on that, specially when I see uber geared players with absolutly no clue about what they're doing, the horror, the horror.
Totally waste of (their) money, waste of people effort and time in an instance/raid, totally waste of items, others could have surely benefit more

2. Why bothering? Let them drop!
AKA ( recently saw) spellcaster awesomness in Naxx with a blue weapon..
That's the type of players which I hate most.
Not only you prove to be a totally moron, but you also proudly come with your blue gear QQ as you don't have a raidspot or giving out 1k or less dps at L80?!?
Slacking is never, NEVER, NEVEREVER an excuse!
Please, now go play Tetris and beware the holes in the line.
At least the point 1. people did an lil effort.

What I bought at the end?
A BOE tanking ring from Hodir's chest, Ulduar fresh, for my DK alt:
Signet of Winter
2700g , well worth it.

A bidded Runed Orb for 1300g,
which turned not to be the great opportunity I tought;
now they sell for the same price, down to 800g from 5 days ago ;_;
I will keep it for the awesome healing cloth feet pattern for ma priest and done!

Total spent: 4000g
Cash in bags: 2300g
Worth items cash: 3800g

and more important, I'm done with consumables for the next 2 weeks ^^

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