Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Getting high again

in Bags: 3880g
in Items: 3700g

So I started this little adventure with no more
then 4000g in my pocket, some gems
and enchanting mats to be sold.

I spent much, but also got much in return

What I achieved so far is :
- to be able to make big expenses and don't cry broken in some edge of Ironforge
>3 purple pieces for my DK ( which shamefully isn't still on L80),
including an Ulduar item
>1 Runed orb
- to have still a good amount of sell goods stockpiled ready to be sold,
- not to worry about a night of wiping
- be raid consumables ready for the next.. mounth?

Yeah, I feel so confortable to look now at my bags, winter sparing like a little ant:
-5 staks of each types of elixirs I may need in raid, depending if I would play Holy or Disci
-20 stack of 40 Haste/40 Crit / 16 Mana, with spices and food bought massively in AH when thy had the label"HUGE AMOUNTS; DISCOUNTED!!" instead of fishing/doing daily
-35 Flasks of the Frost Wyrm

The next big expense will be the the swift mount for my Dk once she turn 77, in 2 levels;
If I will go on with my "at least 2k saved in bag" politic, than I'll need to raise 6k gold more.

Okey, new idea:
Keep the K, put them somewhere safe and out my reach, and spend the rest for profit!

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  1. Just found your blog but really enjoy it. Hope you're returning to writting soon. Please let us know if so and we'll send you some traffic. Good luck with your quest towards WoW millions!