Friday, 2 October 2009

Farmer! Farmer! Where are thou?

In bags: 5683g
Currently working on: Glyphs, Flasks, Eternal Buckles
Stockpiling: Icethorn, Lichbloom, Adder's, Eternal Earth/Water/Shadow
In need of : Frost Lotus
2nd farmer: Not achived

The bad news is that my farmer just vanished, and I'm worried.
Not for the herbs, but actually because it's since the earthquake that I haven't heard of him.
Hope the guy's fine and just got some days off.
In the meantime, my major supplier of herbs is AH again; Doh!
I'm currently buying all the Icethorn and Lichbloom I can find at a decent price, and those will be flasked, even if at the moment getting the Lotus will get a bit troublesome as it goes for 40g and higher, while my main income from ink will be Adder's.
I was aiming to get a large amount of flasks ready for the Icecrown's patch and playing accordly, but the supply iatus which occurred left me with 4 Frost Wyrm and 16 Endless Rage, while the others have all sold out ( at 35g each ** giggle**).

I'm considering finding a second farmer but I' m also worried I couldn't mantain both of them,  not with daily COd of 3k at least. Mah..

Instead, the new selling strategy with Glyphs is working well, very time I check my mail I found an average of 168g on both the glyph's sellers toons.

I was a bit worried about rising the stockpiled amount from 10 to 20/each, but eventually got me out the milling /crafting Eating-Time-Terror-Tunnel; I mill when I want, send my mule the inks and get those back before going out to work, for some afk crafting till server dc.