Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Tha's what Santa's bought me!

In this five days I cought up with AH, I managed to hit 12000g, which found their the way for AH very quickly.
That's what I got with 4425g:

10 Cardinal Ruby
20 Ametrine
20 Frost Lotus
1 stack of Titanium ore which prospected in a bunch of greenies.. grrr
5 stacks of Glacial Salmon
5 stacks of Northrend Spices
4 Purified Dreadstone
1 Brilliant Spellthread for my new legs
12 moonshroud for (1500g) for my new Royal Moonshroud Bracers

In case I won't update soon, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Welcome in Herbland - Frost Lotus and other madness

After some (!!) weeks of hyatus due to my modem departure, I started again with WOW, yay!
For the karma balance, as I got my favourite addiction back, Destiny in the person of my medic decided I've to loose another, so I'm trying to give up drinking Cola. Ha HA HA. After 12 years it's gonna be pure FUN.

Anyway, back on topic!

Now that ICC is out and everyone and their mothers are back to the magical word of riding, the herb situation in Ah is changed drastically, mainly due to the raising demand of Frost Lotus.
Yeah, that's true, one herb to screw them all.
Let's think about that, if  Lotus reach 60/70g, not many alchemist are gonna buy them, as the margin of procs is just too swallow to rely on, so... domino chain!

The stacks Lichbloom and Icethorn fall to 9g *frush hands*.

I managed to stock up 140 flasks of each type at the good " I have a farmer" times, so I'm not worrying much atm, but I wonder what will happen when me and all my other collegues will run out of stocks.. either the Frost Lots price will fell in those days of low buying or other markets have to be found.

In the meantime, I have my guildback tab full of Lich and Ice, 2 tabs each.