Friday, 29 May 2009

Exploiting another market edge

Let's talk about: Spellpower Elixir !

I recently gave up on Flasks, unless we are trying some new boss in Ulduar, otherwise I stick with 2 elixirs: Spellpower and Mighty Tought.
This lead me closer again to the sweet part of beeing an elixir master I left behind so long: crafting goods!
I'm going to use those also for myself, so won't they sell,
I would still be happy ^^

I bought mats worth for 60 elixirs

Cost per single / stack / tot. bought

o.65s / 13g Goldclover x3 --> 39g
o.55s / 11g Tiger Lily x3 --> 33g
o.40s / 8g Imbued Vial x60 -> 24g
1.6og / 32g Elixir x60 -> 96g

I was quite lucky to get 10 procs, so
96g/70-> 1.3714g pure cost per item

Listed for 2.87g /28.70g (stack of 10) in AH
-5% AH 2.7265 / 27.7250g

Expected profit: 1.3551g / 94.857g

I then stockpiled another 29 Frost Lotus(42.2413g) for a total of 1224.9977 g;
I will either watch the market and resell them higher or turning them to Flasks.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Crafty Fairy back to town! Flasks funn!

Yesterday browsing AH, I finally found Frost Lotus selling for under 56g!
It was already 3 weeks that I wasn't crafting any flasks due to the insane high prices, so..
I bought it all.

God bless farmers, should they be Chinese or just some headless players, I don't mind!

44 Frost Lotus x 43g50 left me lighter of 1914g
192g825 worth of herbs
ToT. -2106g825
and voilĂ !
106 Flasks of the Frost Wyrm (88+18procs)
I got the vials for free so I had a pure cost of 19g876 each.
The problem now was:
How to sell them directly and in stocks?
AH was out of discussion, nor I wanted to sell them one by one.

I spammed trade a bit after raids end, but either people had already stockpiled goods for the next day or simply wasn't interested.

Then, an idea:
Who normally use flasks?
Raiding guilds.

Which is the fastest way to get all of them knowing I'm selling?
Realm forum.
Total win!

I created a new thread, placed my offer and gave the COD option.
Keep in mind that people often doesn't like their business to go public,
so I added the " contact me by ingame mail if you like" option.
Well, 100 flasks are now waiting my happy customers to log on and send me a total of 3000g.
+893,175g profit for 15minutes work.


Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Currently listed in AH

I will start sharing what I'm actually doing now to earn some gold.
Those are prices per single item, listed and with -5% AH cut.

Infinite Dust - 4.05g / 3,84g 75s
Dream Shard - 13g / 12,35g
Greater Cosmic Essence - 11g / 10,45g
Eternal Earthsiege Diamond - 39g / 37,05g
Heartseeker Scope - 59g / 56,05g
Dark Jade - 2.10g / 1,99g 99s
Shadow Crystal - 99s /94s 05c

I'm actually sitting on 4300g cash of pure AH farming, plus some couple of hundreds gold in bags and raw mats.