Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I can get no money from AH. Yet another Gold guide telling me how to do things.

Can you please finally tell me which is the ultimate best money making profession ever?
The truth is that there 's no answer to this question.

Someone claims it's Inscription, for others JWc is a real kick,  Gems and Cloth transumations ftw! Get 2xGathering!! No time!
The only professions I never tested are Letherworking and Engeneering, I'm levelling an huntard and only the thought of picking up another profession is disgusting me. I'm honest.
Should I get Skinning and Herbalism?
Would I be keen to spend (again) time in farming now and forever?
Honestly no.
I don't have the time.
Nor the will.
Not after 3 years, not anymore, please!
Save meee! ( *Call my name and save me froom the daaark* *chough*)

So in my experience, the best you could do is analyzing your playstyle:
how much time are you willing to spend?
And you will find what's the Ultimate Money Profession FOR YOU!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Tha's what Santa's bought me!

In this five days I cought up with AH, I managed to hit 12000g, which found their the way for AH very quickly.
That's what I got with 4425g:

10 Cardinal Ruby
20 Ametrine
20 Frost Lotus
1 stack of Titanium ore which prospected in a bunch of greenies.. grrr
5 stacks of Glacial Salmon
5 stacks of Northrend Spices
4 Purified Dreadstone
1 Brilliant Spellthread for my new legs
12 moonshroud for (1500g) for my new Royal Moonshroud Bracers

In case I won't update soon, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Welcome in Herbland - Frost Lotus and other madness

After some (!!) weeks of hyatus due to my modem departure, I started again with WOW, yay!
For the karma balance, as I got my favourite addiction back, Destiny in the person of my medic decided I've to loose another, so I'm trying to give up drinking Cola. Ha HA HA. After 12 years it's gonna be pure FUN.

Anyway, back on topic!

Now that ICC is out and everyone and their mothers are back to the magical word of riding, the herb situation in Ah is changed drastically, mainly due to the raising demand of Frost Lotus.
Yeah, that's true, one herb to screw them all.
Let's think about that, if  Lotus reach 60/70g, not many alchemist are gonna buy them, as the margin of procs is just too swallow to rely on, so... domino chain!

The stacks Lichbloom and Icethorn fall to 9g *frush hands*.

I managed to stock up 140 flasks of each type at the good " I have a farmer" times, so I'm not worrying much atm, but I wonder what will happen when me and all my other collegues will run out of stocks.. either the Frost Lots price will fell in those days of low buying or other markets have to be found.

In the meantime, I have my guildback tab full of Lich and Ice, 2 tabs each.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Farmer! Farmer! Where are thou?

In bags: 5683g
Currently working on: Glyphs, Flasks, Eternal Buckles
Stockpiling: Icethorn, Lichbloom, Adder's, Eternal Earth/Water/Shadow
In need of : Frost Lotus
2nd farmer: Not achived

The bad news is that my farmer just vanished, and I'm worried.
Not for the herbs, but actually because it's since the earthquake that I haven't heard of him.
Hope the guy's fine and just got some days off.
In the meantime, my major supplier of herbs is AH again; Doh!
I'm currently buying all the Icethorn and Lichbloom I can find at a decent price, and those will be flasked, even if at the moment getting the Lotus will get a bit troublesome as it goes for 40g and higher, while my main income from ink will be Adder's.
I was aiming to get a large amount of flasks ready for the Icecrown's patch and playing accordly, but the supply iatus which occurred left me with 4 Frost Wyrm and 16 Endless Rage, while the others have all sold out ( at 35g each ** giggle**).

I'm considering finding a second farmer but I' m also worried I couldn't mantain both of them,  not with daily COd of 3k at least. Mah..

Instead, the new selling strategy with Glyphs is working well, very time I check my mail I found an average of 168g on both the glyph's sellers toons.

I was a bit worried about rising the stockpiled amount from 10 to 20/each, but eventually got me out the milling /crafting Eating-Time-Terror-Tunnel; I mill when I want, send my mule the inks and get those back before going out to work, for some afk crafting till server dc.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Wish I had more Lotus

In bags: 3725g
Top amount of the week: 7634g, of pure income
Currently working on: Glyphs, Flasks, Eternal Buckles
Stockpiling: Saronite (to level Bs), Eternal Earth, Wotkl Green Gems.

For RL reasons I've not been very active in playing Ah in those few days and as result, my stockpiled glyphs are getting  fewer and fewer not to mention is a full 4 tab Gbank of Icethorn and Adder's waitig to be milled.
Decisions have been made, so I'm gonna work with higher numbers and cancell less.
To cope with the fact that atm I'm too tired to push hard the AH( I'm getting zzzzzz like around 11pm), I've decided to get again in the pre-raid flasks market, for some easy time.

Well, the result was shocking, I made nearly 8k in two days.
I was like *Gaaaaahhhh??!*
Now I'm coverying the supply of all the flasks except the Endless Rage one, for which, no Lotus was left, with prices that vary from 25g to 29g, with a profit of 25-30%, filling Ah and working on COD orders.
I will place the leftover 75 tonight and roll in the money in Scrooge McDuck's style.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

We (He) like(s) each other (my golds)

In bags: 2700g
Working on: Inscription, Flasks, BS, Enchanting
Buying: Herbs, Lotus, Gems, Eternals
Donated to Gbank: Fish, Meat, 10 Frost Wyrm

The patch hitted and I'm not so broken anymore,  the stocks I've prepared finally gave me some fresh air and most important, saved my butt as well.
Except for some flasks session, which poor procs rate, 10 extra out of 76, I burned out most of my Glyphs and Dusts and haven't got the time to fill the bags again, as I was more concerned in assisting my prescious lil dog who got a surgery on Wed then to go for a milling/DE trip.

Two items I sold like candy yesterday, mostly by COD, were Eternal Life and Moonshroud, which I stockpiled in advance, sniffing the massive arrival of badges' Crusader Orb in ah.
I also crafted some cards for a friend, for which I had to purchase the Eternal life in Ah, as I runned off myself, I found a cheep stack in ah for 17g each, and with my own big surprise, an hour later, I got a guildy saying me "tank you for the donation" on Ventrilo. Her's Eternals!

I haven't tried the Runescroll of Stamina market as Mr.HS suggested me yesterday, as for  lack of time as I didn't tink this could have a such a big success as it had, partially also because I'm a priest in my RL wow life!

The big news is that I officially have a farmer, who's selling me COD all his major herbs at 0.70s each, 14g/stack, who will also provide me Lotus for 30g and some Eternals as well, for which we still have to discuss the price.
He's not a chinese, but I've decided - making him smile - to not be racist or too picky;
he's a farmer and we (he) like(s) each other ( my golds)!