Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I can get no money from AH. Yet another Gold guide telling me how to do things.

Can you please finally tell me which is the ultimate best money making profession ever?
The truth is that there 's no answer to this question.

Someone claims it's Inscription, for others JWc is a real kick,  Gems and Cloth transumations ftw! Get 2xGathering!! No time!
The only professions I never tested are Letherworking and Engeneering, I'm levelling an huntard and only the thought of picking up another profession is disgusting me. I'm honest.
Should I get Skinning and Herbalism?
Would I be keen to spend (again) time in farming now and forever?
Honestly no.
I don't have the time.
Nor the will.
Not after 3 years, not anymore, please!
Save meee! ( *Call my name and save me froom the daaark* *chough*)

So in my experience, the best you could do is analyzing your playstyle:
how much time are you willing to spend?
And you will find what's the Ultimate Money Profession FOR YOU!

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  1. It all depends on your servers economy, how much competition exists in each of the markets and what areas are under supplied.

    Go in and fill the demand where others aren't that have the highest gold profit %.

    On some servers this may be inscription, but on others glyphs may be listed for 5g each with multiple AH campers constantly undercutting each other... so you need to look at the whole market and auction house to see where the least competition and highest profits are before deciding which professions and gold making strategy you are going to choose.