Thursday, 24 September 2009

We (He) like(s) each other (my golds)

In bags: 2700g
Working on: Inscription, Flasks, BS, Enchanting
Buying: Herbs, Lotus, Gems, Eternals
Donated to Gbank: Fish, Meat, 10 Frost Wyrm

The patch hitted and I'm not so broken anymore,  the stocks I've prepared finally gave me some fresh air and most important, saved my butt as well.
Except for some flasks session, which poor procs rate, 10 extra out of 76, I burned out most of my Glyphs and Dusts and haven't got the time to fill the bags again, as I was more concerned in assisting my prescious lil dog who got a surgery on Wed then to go for a milling/DE trip.

Two items I sold like candy yesterday, mostly by COD, were Eternal Life and Moonshroud, which I stockpiled in advance, sniffing the massive arrival of badges' Crusader Orb in ah.
I also crafted some cards for a friend, for which I had to purchase the Eternal life in Ah, as I runned off myself, I found a cheep stack in ah for 17g each, and with my own big surprise, an hour later, I got a guildy saying me "tank you for the donation" on Ventrilo. Her's Eternals!

I haven't tried the Runescroll of Stamina market as Mr.HS suggested me yesterday, as for  lack of time as I didn't tink this could have a such a big success as it had, partially also because I'm a priest in my RL wow life!

The big news is that I officially have a farmer, who's selling me COD all his major herbs at 0.70s each, 14g/stack, who will also provide me Lotus for 30g and some Eternals as well, for which we still have to discuss the price.
He's not a chinese, but I've decided - making him smile - to not be racist or too picky;
he's a farmer and we (he) like(s) each other ( my golds)!

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