Saturday, 19 September 2009

Glyph making and the fine art of undercutting

How many Scribes can a faction feed?

The Highlander's attitude toward sellers.

In my AH there are several people trying their luck , usually vanishing in a couple of day, soothed by the "I sir, at least got a pro shoulder's enchant" feeling also:

On a cancel/repost session is interesting to check which names pops up more often;
this will help you to understand who's on the other side of the screen, trying to fish from your lake!

So in the end, there is just the 7 of us, like the cutie Cindarella's dwarves, earning a piece of market every day and make our alt mules carry the endless pocket weight.

For what I could see, those are more or less the profiles of all I will call from now on "My Beloved Undercutters" ;

 - The Batchers, Auctioneer's dependant, they somethimes reset the market, the sweetest thing ever if I'm low on those 2 ink Glyphs;

- The cherry picking guys, they check the prices, craft, list and goes, never heard of them for couple of days; at their place I would at least repost twice a day!

- The levelling tards, ok, neeext

- Me and Mr. Happy Scribe 's fellow mules, QA's lovers, carpet bombing

And special mention for Gevlon 's Fanboy, for naming his mule after Mr. Goblin site, but proved ( in my opinion) of not beeing so smart as his idol, for our luck, I may say!

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