Monday, 21 September 2009

Pie anyone?

In bags: 900g

In items: 8k
Currently working on: Inscription, Jewelcrafting
WTB: Frost Lotus

In this weekend I burned a lot of money buying herbs,
6k of Icethorn to be precise and some wotkl gems.
I got so many of them that I wrote Mr.HS to hurry up and get some, wait.. whoot?

I´m not crazy or high, and already got my weekly dose of glue sniffing while repairing books here at work, so let´s see the reasons behind this:

- the 2 of us share the same AH, that we like it or not, that´s it
- we are in the same markets
- we ( I assume a plural) don´t like competitors
- I bought the cheapest of them before telling him ( **giggle**)

So why don´t literary cut off the rest of them?
If I get pie, he gets pie, we are happy and the other aren´t cause we got it all for us!
Or eventually it will reduce the numbers of them, as the price they pay for the raw product wouldn´t be worth the time of milling, check AH, crafting and posting.

Did it work?
I´m happy to give a positive answer!

- I was able to donate some to my GBank
- Possibly got a farmer
- A whole tab filled half raw herb, half inks on my mule Gbank,
      pigments waiting the expiring time to rejoin me
- And last but not least...
     Saturday I sold both in AH as by COD, tons of Snowfall Ink for 24g each, which proved my point!

You think I got a nice week?

You´re probably right!


  1. I love your blog! It's inspired me to go for the WOW gold cap and i'm writing a blog while doing it :) Check it out at:

  2. It wasn't really that many herbs left when I got there, but I can imagine you must be really happy after that purchase.

  3. I'm really curious to see how this head to head competition turns out between you guys. I suppose it's not even so much a competition is it is a 'coopetition'. Good luck and good profits!