Saturday, 6 June 2009

Time to sell

Weekends are always the best days to sell items in AH, people who normally don't play much during the week, usually flood the server, and demand rise!

Summer vacations on the door and more pvp players getting gear, actually made me able to start again to sell cutted blue gems.
I used to buy a lot of saronite to prospect for between 12g and 15g, but either my beloved Chinese got all banned or miners are on strike and buy it for 20g/stack is out of discussion!
So, I decided to rely completely on AH for greens to DE (bought materials for 80g) and on my spared stacks of blue:
I'm now selling what gives me a 8g profit minimum.

The other things currently listed are:

Frosthide Leg Armor for 187.75g (mats cost 90g)
Icescale Leg Armor for 149.75g (mats cost 85g x2)
Infinite Dust 4.21g either single posted or in stack of 20
Heartseeker Scope 46g, those sell 1 per day or every 2 days.
Now that DKs are the new fashion toys, there are less hunter around.

While looking at some affairs, I spotted a tasty opportunity:
17x Frost Lotus, 25g Bid each!
MINE! SO my 425g are now pacefully sleeping waiting to be cashed.
Unless someone else decide to engage a bid fight ofc ^^

I decided not to drop under 2000 golds anymore, unless for repairs.
How long I will last?
Till the next purple Boe listed in ah, for sure!

Spent: 765g
Cash available: 2025g
Goodies value: Much! Oh, the lazyness.

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